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Roger Nelmes

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Roger Nelmes

Business Development Manager

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Roger joined Cypress Insurance Team in 2018 with a vast knowledge of serving and reaching others, as well as, managing a team of employees through ministry programs across the country.  He came into the insurance industry only knowing the basics from dealing with his own personal insurance needs but has quickly caught on to everything there is to know about what we do.

His friendly personality and willingness to want to help people makes him a strong asset to the organization.  He enjoys speaking to large groups of Realtors and Mortgage Professionals about Cypress Insurance Team and the services that we offer.

As a Business Development Manager, Roger’s day includes networking and marketing with key referral sources, planning events and speaking engagements.  He does a great job educating people about what we can do for them and has a quiet confidence that allows people to feel comfortable to want to work with him.

CEO, Tommy Johnson, says “Roger was a great addition to our team!  We interviewed several people and were very selective on who would be able to fill such an important role within our organization.  Roger’s integrity and determination are the perfect combination for him to succeed!”

“I enjoy being in a job that allows me to meet so many people in the community.  I love people and I love to network which allows me to create opportunities to serve others”, Roger said.

Here are some fun facts about Roger:

  • Where did you grow up? Hazelton, PA
  • Do you have any pets? I have two dogs.  A female schnauzer named Abby and male long haired dachshund named Brady.
  • What do you enjoy that we might find you doing in your spare time?  Attending and serving at my church, working out, collecting toy cars (hot wheels), photography and going to car shows.
  • Favorite color? Red
  • Favorite Food?  A great steak is hard to beat!!
  • Something interesting about you?  I am the youngest of 12 kids.  Yep, 12 of us!
  • Words that you love by?  I am fearfully and wonderfully made for God’s pleasure.
15835 Mueschke Rd, Cypress TX 77433