You can’t stop a flood, but it doesn’t have to leave you high and dry, either!

Watch the news for any length of time and you will see an all too common occurrence -- FLOODING. From Hurricane Harvey in 2017 to a single bad rainstorm on a typical day, if it can rain, it can flood. Even if you are not in a high risk area, you are still at risk for rising waters and too much rain falling at once.

Flood Insurance is the only way to protect yourself from the financial devastation of a flood. Federal aid can be slow to arrive and will not be enough to help you rebuild. A Flood Insurance policy with the right coverage limits for your home can make you whole again.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides the vast majority of policies around the country, including here in Texas. If you live in a low risk zone, you will pay less than if you live in a high risk area. But after the raging flood waters we have witnessed in person and on the news, flood insurance just isn’t optional anymore. It’s a necessity.

Some things to keep in mind while you are shopping for flood insurance:

  • There’s a 30 day waiting period before your Flood Insurance policy goes into effect, unless you’re buying a new home. Private insurers may offer a lower waiting period.
  • If a storm is approaching us, writing a policy may be delayed until the storm passes.
  • Now is the time to buy a new flood insurance policy. Don’t delay or it may be too late!

Preferred Zone NFIP Flood Rates: (as of 2019)

Dwelling Limit Contents Deductible Annual Premium
$250,000 $100,00 $1,250 $482.00
$200,000 $80,000 $1,250 $450.00

Your homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage.  Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right policy for your home.

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