One disaster can destroy everything.

Renting is a great option for a lot of people. It doesn’t matter if you are a recent college grad or in a job that keeps you moving, for many people, renting just makes sense… but you still need protection.

If you have a loss while renting, you have to replace your belongings yourself. Your landlord’s insurance will not do it for you.

Your renters insurance policy covers you from fire, storm damage, theft, and vandalism. If your vehicle is stolen or broken into, your personal belongings that were inside may also be covered.

Renters insurance is not as expensive as you think. Renters policies can start at $10/month and increase based on the amount of contents coverage needed. Think about how much you would have to pay to replace your computer, smartphone, furniture, and clothing. It adds up fast and renters insurance is an extremely affordable way to protect yourself.

Contact Cypress Insurance Team today and let us help you find an affordable Renters Insurance policy to protect you and your stuff. Give yourself one less thing to worry about.

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