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Ceria Boaz

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Ceria Boaz

Commercial Agent / Producer

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Here are some interesting and fun facts about Ceria:

  • Where did you grow up? I grew up in Callisburg, a small farming town in North Texas that lies on the Red River.
  • Do you have any pets? I have two fur babies, a dog and a cat. Our dog’s name is Scruffs because he likes to stay dirty. Our cat’s name is Derby because she likes to run really really fast around the house.
  • What do you enjoy that we might find you doing in your spare time? I love to explore new things in Houston. I still feel there is so much more to find out about Houston.
  • Favorite color? Black. It literally goes with anything and is appropriate for all occasions. (except weddings lol)
  • Favorite Food? ¬†My favorite food is Mexican food. I love the tastes and flavors (My excuse for tacos all the time)
  • Something interesting about you? I am a very big horror film fan and my collection of horror films is enormous. I am also a very big fan of silent films including all black and white films.
  • Words that you live by? Do the Right Thing Even When No One Is Looking. These words mean so much to me and I do believe in always doing the right thing even if it’s hard and no one is around you. These words help define your character which is exactly who you are as an individual.
15835 Mueschke Rd, Cypress TX 77433