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Continuing Excellence

You are a vital part of our continuing excellence. With your help our team here at CIT has been extremely blessed over these last several months. We are pleased to be able to say that we have persevered the challenging uncertainty of COVID.  We have achieved a couple of record setting months through referrals and production, as our partners have also excelled in the real estate industry!

Lily and Roger have been leading our partner team across Houston for the past two years. Unfortunately, Roger will be transitioning back to his previous industry and passion of serving others. He has accepted a leadership position with his church focusing on small groups.  We all know that Roger has a huge heart for helping others and while we’re very sad to see him go, we know that he will be doing what he loves and wish him the absolute best in this new direction that God has called for him.

With this change coming in October, we are excited to be able to introduce Collin Snell as he will step in to fill the shoes of Roger and our partners team.  Collin has been with CIT for over a year as a licensed personal lines agent and he is delighted to have an opportunity to build a relationship with you and your team. Lily and Collin, will work in connection with the rest of our staff, to make sure we continue to provide the absolute best we can offer to support our partners and their success.  If you need anything feel free to email Lily or Collin at

We have new software that has allowed us to decrease our quote turnaround times TREMENDOUSLY!  We are excited to announce our ability to turn around a quote in 20 minutes or less about 90% of the time.  Upon request, we can provide this 99% of the time.  In those instances that we are out to lunch or on the phone with other partners, it could possibly take longer than 30 minutes, but that would simply be because we are not in front of our computer or not free to take down the information from the customer.  Our goal is to decrease this time window down to 10-15 minutes in the coming months as our team continues to grow.  If you haven’t given us a try in a few months, let us challenge you to give us another shot.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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