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Valentine’s Day Is For Everyone

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we work hard to create the perfect date night and find that wonderful gift that says ‘I love you’ in our own way. But what about the rest of the people in your life that you care about?

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to express your affection and appreciation for all of the important people in your life, not just your significant other
(if you have one).

Remember when you were a kid and you used to give cards to everyone on Valentine’s. You probably even had a special card for your
mom. Why don’t we do that anymore? Have we really ‘out grown’ our connections with others? I certainly hope not.

With that said, we here at CIT want you to know that we have great regard for you as our customers and community partners. We appreciate your loyalty and your willingness to collaborate with us in our community efforts. ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ isn’t just a cute cliche that we use to be relevant in the business world. We truly believe it and strive to display our heart for you and the community in all that we do. From our customer service, business partnerships and non profit support, we do it all with genuine love for God and for others.

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