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Welcome to Hurricane Season 2020

2020 has unleashed catastrophes in historical fashion: COVID-19, murder hornets, Australian brushfires, earthquakes, floods and more. And now, an above-normal hurricane season is predicted. We are already two named storms into the list of 21 for the year: Arthur and Bertha, which thankfully were rain events and weakened before they were able to do widespread damage.

Hurricane season officially starts today, June 1, and we are prepared at Cypress Insurance to make sure we’re ready for any and all storms that affect our policyholders. Through our partners like Velocity, FedNat, Wright Flood and FloodPro, we have a Best in Class claims leadership team with decades of experience in disaster response and hundreds of adjusters ready to travel wherever they are needed to help our customers get back to pre-storm status as quickly as possible.

If you do not have FLOOD Insurance, call me as soon as possible! Don’t let your largest investment go unprotected. We can do a free flood determination and quote for your property. -Roger Nelmes, 832-416-2394

Before the storm begins to travel west from the coast of Africa, it’s important make sure you’re prepared to manage an extraordinary hurricane season. During hurricane preparedness week in May, we shared some great tips on preparedness, which are listed below. Please take a few minutes to make sure you’re ready whenever disaster strikes.

But this year adds a unique challenge for your evacuation route as shelters may not be open due to COVID-19. Or if they are open, they may not be fully prepared to handle hundreds of evacuees safely or have necessary supplies such as masks and adequate cleaning and sanitizing supplies. As you put your emergency kit together, be sure to add two cloth face coverings per family member and cleaning items, such as soap, hand sanitizer and supplies to disinfect surfaces. Be sure to keep this kit in your car or near the door so you’re ready to go in a moment’s notice.

Here is another great article from the Houston Chronicle about the upcoming hurricane season – NOAA predicts above-normal Atlantic hurricane season this year.

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